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Home refinance and divorce

If my husband and I refinance our home loan and later on down the road we end up getting a divorce, and he wants to keep the house but i want out of the any responsiblity of the note, is that possible or how does...


Wachovia lied about the terms of a home refinance

My freind refinanced some of his rental property with Wachovia about 6 months ago the man who he signed up with told him that his payment would be the same ammount as he was already paying with someone else. when...

Home refinance?

I want to refinance my home and take some cash out. Is there a such thing as borrowing more than what the house is worth? Say my home was worth $100,000. The balance of my mortgage is $94,000. Which is only...

Who is a reputable manufactured home refinance?

I need to refinance my doublewide manufactured home. Who is a reputable company to do this through?

Where can i find a wholesale lender to refinance a mobile home?

This is in Southern California. I need to broker out a mobile home refinance for someone. Please help and maybe we can make a few extra bucks. Thank you.

If i refinance a home, can i get the closing costs and fees included in my mortgage payments ?

I am thinking about get my home refinance. I think I have enough money to cover the closing cost and fees, but instead of paying the closing costs, can I get those included with my new loan or do I have to pay...

What would happend to someone who sign someones name to get a home refinance?

my husband brother in law sign a document for a home, my husband did sign the first loan, but then the deal with the business home group went bad for them and they decided to refinance but this time without telling...

What’s the easiest place to get a mobile home refinance loan?

What’s the easiest place to get a mobile home refinance loan? What I’m getting is my mobile home needs to be on a permanent foundation to get the loan. I need the load to put on a permanent foundation. I’m kind...

Is it smart to refinance a home to pay off credit card debt,and do some home improvements?

and how hard is it to get your home refinanced with one spouse that has been self employed for under a year?


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